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We're All In This Together

How will we meet each other and Christ in this space of uncertainty?

As we navigate this "brave new world"...

I had the opportunity today to attend a webinar of chaplains from around the country, several of whom referred to the idea that there are no "safe spaces" anymore--we have to create "brave spaces" together, as we are all now going through a time of "moral stress."

What are your experiences in this space? How will we meet each other in this time of "social distancing"? How do we perceive each other in this space? How can we take some ownership over our experience, and shape the space we co-create?

What do we place in the center?

I want to invite you to notice that whatever we place at the center of our awareness grows in size and power, and shapes our perceived experience. If we place any given problem in the center of our awareness, it slowly becomes all we can see, like we're putting it on a pedestal. The problem can become an idol. But if we focus on our Higher Power, on God, our faith starts to grow, we find we can trust more. When we keep God central, four problems become smaller as we place them in their true perspective, off to the side.

How can we experience God's power and presence right now?

The Book of Common Prayer (worship resource of the Episcopal Church) assures us that "we will know God's power and presence this day if we but listen for God's voice." I want to encourage you to read Scripture, even a few verses a day; to spend some time in prayer and meditation, getting quiet inside, as if you were sending your out-breath toward God, and receiving the in-breath as if it came from God (because it does).

Do make sure that you're not overloading on negative input, whether that's news media or social media that feels unhealthy or unhelpful. I'm also finding it hard not to oversleep or overeat when my days lack external structure. I am trying to create structure and shape for my day, and cultivate more awareness of my own needs.

By making space several times a day to tune in to creation through a walk, to ritual through reading and prayer, to others through phone calls, and to God through meditation, I think we can maintain and even build our faith during this time of upheaval and uncertainty.

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